Our History

The creation of the company known today as Boalar Investment has a close relationship with the company Pretersa Prenavisa Concrete Structures (PPEH).

PPEH was founded in Aragon, Spain, in 1989, with an initial investment equivalent to 330,000 Euros, and with assets of 35,000 m² of facilities and 100,000 m² of land. PPEH would be engaged in the production of prefabricated concrete structures.

On October 29, 1993, the company that would later become Boalar Investment was founded under the name of Pretersa Investment.

Pretersa Investment was created with the aim of being the owner and manager of the real estate assets (land, industrial buildings, etc.) that PPEH used for its activity.

Pretersa-Prenavisa-Boalar Investment

During the following 5 years, PPEH positioned itself in the market, overcoming the economic crisis existing at that time, and in 1997, it became the first company to obtain the AENOR quality certificate in the precast concrete sector, thus positioning itself as the leader of its activity in Spain.

In the year 2000 PPEH built a railway stop in its facilities to reduce its transport costs and increase its radius of action on the international market.

In 2001 it signed a long-term contract for the supply of aggregates, with a supplier that was finally acquired by PPEH in 2005.

A year later, PPEH completed its growth process and managed to reach 150,000 m² of facilities and one million square metres of land. All these real estate assets are then added to the asset portfolio of Pretersa Investment.

Finally, in 2008, the company Pretersa Prenavisa Estructuras de Hormigón (PPEH) was sold, together with the precast concrete production business, to the Magnum Capital group. At that time, the annual turnover was around 95 million euros, and the plant had a daily production capacity of more than 600 m³ of concrete.

The real estate assets continued to be the property of Pretersa Investment, as they were not included in the sale, so that Pretersa Investment became the lessor of the land and facilities where the prefabricated plant operates.

When the sale took place, and to avoid corporate identity conflicts, the group of shareholders of Pretersa Investment decided to change the name of the company to Boalar Investment and this change of identity gave way to the company that it is today.

Over the years, Boalar Investment has continued to add and invest in real estate assets, not only industrial, but also residential and commercial, which has led to its current portfolio of assets diversifying into other business areas and continues to seek opportunities in other differentiated sectors.

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