Corporate Profile

Boalar Investment is a national reference of quality in the promotion, development, construction and management of industrial, commercial, logistic and residential infrastructures.

Its proven track record of success is based on:

  • Its corporate culture is focused on customer satisfaction through efficient organization and dynamic and entrepreneurial management.
  • The high quality of its human team, technical excellence, constant innovation in its projects and compliance with the planned deadlines that are integrated into the value chain through the development of turnkey projects.
  • The experience acquired in the development of quality services that incorporate a guarantee of future for clients based on trust and long-term relationships, through the knowledge of their needs.

Group structure and business areas.

The organization of Boalar Investment responds to the needs of the new competitive environment, where management capacity and vision of the future become essential tools to consolidate within the different business areas.

Boalar Investment is fundamentally dedicated to the development of its corporate purpose through the following activities:

  • Construction of industrial, logistic, commercial and residential buildings.
  • Non-financial leasing of real estate.
  • Industrial, commercial and residential real estate development.
  • Participation in other companies.

In addition, the shareholders of Boalar Investment share interests in the following companies:

  • Inmobiliaria Río Vero – Ansamar: residential real estate development.
  • Sodepisa: industrial real estate development.
  • 2E: Sale of elevation systems.
  • Comiolica: Wind Farm «La Loma».
  • Boalar Energías: sale of energy (in project).
  • Km a Km: car rental.

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